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Get fully validated supplier documentation and data at the touch of a button, and focus on what really matters:
supplier risk evaluation and supplier performance management.

In today’s world the number of documents that are exchanged between a supplier and buyer of a single ingredient is ever increasing.

This is not only time consuming for both the supplier and the buyer, but buyers even struggle to get all the documentation they need to perform a proper risk evaluation.

Also suppliers are facing an overwhelm of requests for documents and data on an ongoing basis.


Here’s what you can expect with Valid8Food:

  • AI-assisted document validation: We provide you with a full set of independent validated documentation and data. All information is pre-processed by AI, but still verified by true experts.
  • Supplier integrity insights: We are fully transparent on the integrity of suppliers. A mistake can be made, but cases of fraud will be proactively shared with all buyers so that these can adjust their supplier risk evaluation.
  • Always up-to-date supplier documentation: Whenever a document expires, the supplier will be prompted to update the document with the new version. Even documents without an expiry date need to be re-submitted by the supplier once every three years. This way the buyer always has access to a complete and current set of supplier documentation.

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Currently we are very busy getting our platform ready for the official launch.

Are you curious to see what we are going to build? Well, just watch the video below to learn more!