The Paradox for Food Manufacturing Companies

In today’s world, food producing companies face constant pressure to deliver more and achieve better results at the same time. Retail expects the food industry to keep the cost of consumer goods constant and that is the stressful paradox most food producing companies feel day in day out.

To stay profitable and meet the expectations of investors, food companies need to be cost conscious – but where this is deemed insufficient severe cost-cutting seems to be a last resort.

In order to safeguard the long-term financial performance, alternative approaches are necessary… because the continuous cutting of costs will eventually burrow too deep into the organization, resulting in a breakdown of performance, whether it is quality, service, food safety or even profit itself.

However, when approached with proper insight and carefully crafted strategies, a struggling company can quickly start to outperform competitors in terms of quality, service and profitability.

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The Solution

The Food Strategy Institute approaches profitability in a more insightful, strategic and focused way to help food manufacturing companies become more profitable and perform well on all accounts simultaneously.

Our approach focuses on growing the competency of managers to lead strategic change from within the organization, while at the same time seeking to identify the opportunities to increase profitability that exist (but are hidden) within the internal processes.

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What Makes Us Different

“Only profound and deep insights, strengthened by personal leadership and committed teamwork will deliver meaningful and lasting results.”

At the Food Strategy Institute we take pride in being 100% dedicated to your results, we do this in a unique manner:

  • The basis of our approach is our proven and successful Strategic InsightProgram
  • We provide weekly mentoring calls with all management team members of our clients
  • We only have senior, experienced consultants who can operate both at boardroom levels as well as on the shop floor
  • We have relevant industry experience in all areas of the food industry which enables us to deeply understand your needs
  • We have a vast network of value-adding solution providers and experts in the international food industry


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