Be More Profitable Without Hurting Your Business

According to, an EBITDA level of 8% for a food manufacturing company is considered to be “good”. A substantial amount of companies operates below or just around this level.

Really good companies achieve much higher EBITDA levels – between 15% and 20%! In our view, this is attainable for all companies. But the main question is: “How do I achieve much higher EBITDA levels without hurting the long-term prosperity of my business?

As an executive, would you like to raise your company’s EBITDA level with 1% (absolute) in the coming year, resulting in a double-digit growth of profitability? Without hurting your business long-term?

You’ve come to the right place! At the Food Strategy Institute, we help food manufacturing companies achieve significantly better business results within 1 year. In the overview below, you see typical results of our clients in terms of total potential absolute EBITDA growth (horizontal) and the realized EBITDA growth in the first year of working with us (vertical).

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Daniel Kriener-Plump, CEO Qizini - Netherlands

The program has transformed us from an individualistic management to a true management team. We understand much better the sense of urgency and are able to take a more pro-active approach. We have clearly defined our values and goals. This makes it easier for us as a management team and for the rest of the organization to deliver the results that we set out for. The team of the Food Strategy Institute has helped us in a highly professional manner achieve all this in one year. Thanks!

Site Manager, Meat processor - USA

The methods and solutions as taught by the Food Strategy Institute can be applied in almost every situation. I have gained a lot of new insights and ideas during the program and have become a stronger and more complete manager as a result. Thanks for everything!

VP Operations, Seafood processor - Netherlands

The Strategic Insight Program has resulted in a lot of new insights in processes, structures and management competencies. The approach has made a significant contribution for a lot of departments and a tangible improvement in product quality and communication between departments.

Director of Finance, Meat processor - Germany

As a management team, we have shown a strong growth in our role; we have started looking forward and created a compelling 3-year strategic plan with clear goals and a profound set of company values. The Profit Insight module was very useful in gaining a deeper understanding of all the areas where we were losing money.