Our Services

The Food Strategy Institute has a range of services for the food manufacturing industry, all aimed at the executive level. Below, you will find a list of our services – including a brief description of each service.

For all our services, the starting point is for you and us to have a conversation. We place your success central in everything we do, hence we need to have a deep understanding of your needs before we can advise what might be the best direction for you and your company (even if that means we have to refer you elsewhere). We also offer bespoke solutions to specific issues for our clients, so please view the below list as starting point for our conversation.

Strategic Insight ™ Program

The Strategic Insight ™ Program is the starting point of a potentially multi-year journey, during which the entire executive team of your company will be coached by us in a proprietary process to deliver profound and lasting improvements amounting to an increase in profitability with a value of 1% for your company’s top line sales revenue within the first year. Typical results over a 4 year period include: a year-on-year double digit increase in profitability, a strong increase in employee satisfaction and employee retention and a focused growth.

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Strategy Intensive

The Strategy Intensive is a 4-week intensive program aimed at leaders that  require a short-term adaptation of their company’s strategic direction. It is not a complete overhaul, but a focused re-calibration the existing strategy. If a sound strategic plan is absent, the Strategy Intensive can be used to create a first, crude strategic direction for the company (although the Strategic Insight™ Program is best suited for that purpose). The Strategy Intensive has been proven a valuable approach from companies that are experiencing negative effects of the Corona-virus pandemic and need adjust their strategic plans in an efficient and effective manner.

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Due Diligence

All the consultants at the Food Strategy Institute bring a wealth of experience, including due diligence in a wide range of the food industry with a global footprint. We appreciate that due diligence requires a swift and focused response, hence we will always make sure that you get the service you need in the fastest way possible. In the case that we are constrained ourselves, we will connect you with the right person in our wider network to help you out. We guarantee that working with us will feel like having a team member on board that you have been working with for years.

Since every due diligence trajectory is unique, we invite you to schedule a call with us to discuss your needs in full confidentiality. We have a default non-disclosure agreement available, which allows us to move forward in minutes rather than days.

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Strategy Review

An independent review of your strategic plans can add a lot of value. At the Food Strategy Institute, we live and breathe strategy and work with a large number of clients around the globe. Of course we work in full confidentiality with our clients, so we cannot provide commercially sensitive information. But we do know what are the good directions for strategic decisions. Just having us review your strategic plans will result in a stronger focus and higher outcome in terms of value – whether it is monetary or on any other level like employee engagement.

Since a strategy review is a bespoke service, we would like to understand your requirements first. Hence, we invite you to schedule a call with us today by clicking here.

Executive Mentoring

As an executive you always want to “grow to the next  level”. The question is how can you best do this? In some cases you might learn from you fellow executives or you might find help in books and articles (like Harvard Business Review). Joining an executive MBA program could also be an option, but often is very time intensive and very wide. At the Food Strategy Institute, we can help you with a focused mentoring effort. This is a bespoke solution tailored to your needs, and we even use external partners (like business psychologists) where necessary.

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Executive Salon

As an executive it is quite a challenge to have deep and meaningful conversations at a sufficient high level. Conferences are usually not the right venue for these and even most networking groups do not offer the quality you are looking for…

The Executive Salon is a small group, by invitation only, network which convenes 4-5 times per year in a focused, half-day online meeting. Each Salon consists of 6 participants who are executives at a similar level at non-competitive companies. During the meeting all relevant topics for the participants are discussed in full confidentiality. Where necessary, external experts are brought to the table to share their view on the topics at hand. Each meeting is well-prepared and facilitated by the Food Strategy Institute. All participants have access to a secure repository of all the meeting minutes, presentation and other materials that have been shared.

Several times per year, Special Topic Meeting will be hosted by the Food Strategy Institute which are accessible to all on a first come first serve basis. The Special Topic Meetings are open to all Salon members, so you might find a competitor taking part during a Special Topic Meeting. This will not be a problem, since the special topics are chosen to be of a non-competitive nature.

On an annual basis all Salon members will be invited to join the annual event for executives, which will be hosted in an inspirational setting for all.

In order to complete the service, each Salon member has the opportunity to ask for 5 introductions per year. Sometimes you would like to discuss matters with a person that is not in your network. The Salon includes the service of us reaching out to our wider network to get you connected and introduced in a warm manner.

As indicated before, the Salon membership is by invitation only. If you are interested in joining a Salon, please provide your details and motivation in an email to: salon@foodstrategyinstitute.com